Friday, April 29, 2005

Burger Town

Everyone knows about certain cities and their favorite fast foods: Philly and hoagies, Chicago and hot dogs, etc. But long-term readers of TAA will remember that most of the burger chains in the U.S. began in SoCal (White Castle sliders don't quite classify as burgers in my book). Local blog LAist returns to the fatty favorite of Los Angeles and asks for frenzied feedback.

But a burger is a state of mind, a craving, a bite of Americana right up there with apple pie. And burgers can get dressed up for all sorts of occasions: hoe-down style with BBQ sauce and some onion straws, dressed to impress with designer cheese and pricey wedges of smoky bacon, or down and dirty slathered in chili. It's easy to become a burger elitist or connoisseur; we become devotees to one neighborhood diner, joint or stand, or, we treat the burger like a gourmet meal, and sample the beef-and-buns at high-end restaurants. And while we know it's pretty tough to beat an old fashioned home-grilled backyard BBQ burger, there are some choices in LA. We'll tell you what we like, and then it's your turn.

Top pick? Obviously, In-N-Out. Who wouldn't like a place with a completely hidden menu savored by locals?

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ae said...

Mmmmmm. In-N-Out....aaagghghhmmmm. Oh, sorry. Just drooling while remembering the good times. Why, oh why, won't they franchise out to NC?? Sniffle. Then again, an old skool Carolina Burger w/ chili and slaw is damn fine eatin'. Might I recommend Finch's Diner in Raleigh if you're ever in the neighborhood? =)