Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Busy, Busy, Busy

Your intrepid AA apologizes for the many of you who have visited this site only to see last month's measly offerings. With the busy testing season over at Happy Valley College (sic), I'm now well into the early-term survey season, complete with a consequential validity study of a language test which, probably, will need to be re-evaluated next term with additional validation research (i.e., criterion validation, cut score validation, reliability studies, and disproportionate impact surveys - if these terms inspire fear, you should be afraid - very, very afraid).

As you might imagine, with this going on, and other stuff away from the office, my posting has been on hiatus.

Nonetheless, come this weekend I'll be venturing out to two events I'm looking forward to. This Saturday evening at the Mountain Bar in Chinatown, Jim Ruland will be hosting another evening of literary readings with the next gathering of Vermin on the Mount, and Monday I'll be off to a special screening of Capote with Philip Seymour Hoffman, which recently created some buzz at the Toronto Film Festival.

And for the good stuff? The best line of this past week:

Student: How do I add a class? (Third time asking the same question.)

Supervisor: Go to the classroom and request an add slip. (Hitting his head on the counter while simultaneously answering.)

Student: Before class?

Supervisor: That's generally a good idea.

Student: But what do I say?

Supervisor: Try, "Hello."

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