Thursday, October 26, 2006

Geez, Thank for Your Support....

There's nothing quite like working your tail off on set for 2+ weeks, then finally turning on the laptop only to have a newbie blogger flame you.

I was thinking about putting the Angry Anthropologist on a short-term hiatus when work got busy, but orignally thought against it.

I think it's time to reconsider.

One of the nice things about being a regular on a full-run, or near full-run television series is the constant work and the peculiarity of seeing the same people on set day after day.

That was last week, when we shot a full episode in five days - five days with plenty of OT that kind of burned me out on writing at night. Obviously, this hindered my writing since the vainglorious day of professional background actor last week went something like this:

2 hrs morning LA traffic commute to 20th Century Fox studio
12.5 hrs ave. workday
1 hr lunch
1 hr evening LA traffic commute home
16.5 hrs total

That leaves a whopping 7.5 hours in the day to wash clothes for matching shot the next day, eat something, and actually try to sleep, and in the battle between blogging and sleep/food, the latter wins out.

On top of that, on Saturday I got to sleep at 12:30 AM, only to get up early, and promising myself a hike trekked up Mnt. Pacifico on the backrange of the San Gabriel Mountains (only 12 miles), rushed down to a wine tasting with friends from high school, then watched the World Series on the couch with one eye proped open to ward of sleep, which I did for much of Sunday.

On Monday? Back to the lot for the start of the next episode. And so it goes. Even as I write this I'm off to a location shot downtown, and expect to be back on the regular gig tomorrow.

Last Friday was also noteworthy in that we worked with a chimp, who I suspect was paid more than the SAG background. For those of us in that scene, we had to negotiate these two conflicting cultural frames:

Trainer: "Don't look the chimp in the eyes - it's a threat."

1st AD: "Be sure to react off the chimp - make sure your eyeline is on the chimp at all times."


Next time, a story about meeting a fellow backgrounder who I photo-doubled for.


GetSheila said...

Ha ha! Don't be too hard on JCW. He loves you. I know because he is the one that recommended I add you to my RSS feeds. Which I did.

And he isn't really a blogger. Not yet. I have been trying to get him started for a while now but he is having technical difficulties with his computer. I think he probably set up that blog because he had to register with Blogger to leave a comment.

A comment telling you to come back and blog some more.

He does love you. He really does.

JCW said...

WOW! If showing my enthusiam for your writing really has this effect on you, I can only think that you HAVE been around show business too long!

Certainly didn't mean to offend - I thought I was showing support, particularly as I had noticed that no one had bothered to comment on your posts in like, forever.

Frankly, I don't understand it as like I said, I find you highly entertaining AND informative.

I live in the Bay Area and have been on the fence about registering with the various agencies and trying to make a go of it doing background, and reading about your experiences have certainly been encouraging to me!

(By the way - I got that rap from locals about not going union - probably best this far up north)

So please, don't take my comment to be critical.... I just really enjoy reading your posts! If I didn't, I wouldn't be turning friends on to you.

That said - what a drag to finally get something new, and I'm pointed out as a big asshole in the heading...


Formosus said...

OK, so I'm not really an angry lout, and I do appreciate there are readers out there. It's just that some weeks the work pours in and it's a choice between sleep and writing: and as I mentioned, sleeping usually wins.

Lack of sleep also makes one (i.e., me) cranky. Probably the reason I'm not the Kumbaya Anthropologist.

I will try to update the AA more readily and give some pointers out to the good non-union BG readers like JCW. Remember, everyone begins as non-union!