Thursday, December 28, 2006

A native view of the parade

Since I am a native-born Pasadenan, I get asked questions about the Rose Parade all the time. (The most useful? "How do I deal with the street closures and parking?") That's for another time.

So, this year I decided before the weekend crowds decamp in the Rose City, I would show the readership of this small corner of the blogosphere what the "real" parade route looks like - instead of the one-dimensional example here.

First, the floats line on Orange Grove.

Then, they make the sometimes perilous turn onto Colorado Blvd. proper.

After the long trek down Colorado, they then head up Sierra Madre - on the "wrong" side of the street no less! Bet you didn't know that.

One of the last obstacles for tall floats is the 210 Freeway overpass. If you've ever wondered why all those really animated floats have to collapse down to a certain height, you're looking at it.

Finally, the parade ends at Pasadena High School/Victory Park. Years ago, float viewing was free on the grass at the park, but around 1978-1979 there were massive rainstorms, creating one big, festive mud pit, courtesy of the City of Pasadena.


JCW said...

We caught an episode of Dirty Jobs recently featuring the host having
to help deconstruct and clean up after all those floats.

TONS of rotting flowers, etc., he actually gagged during the taping!

Who knew flowers could get so nasty?

Formosus said...

The trash is a *big* part of post-parade Pasadena.

That, and imagine all the port-a-johns which have to be shipped out.

It's what the Chamber of Commerce doesn't want you to see.