Sunday, July 29, 2007

I'm back

Well, it's only been almost two months since posting, so yes, I'm a really, really bad blogger, but then I had a lousy hiatus.

There are two shut-down periods in the business: mid-December to mid-January, and a slowdown in May, with business picking up in June and into July. May is always a write-off (most television series wrap-up their shooting schedules by the first week of the month), but June is usually a bit better.

This year I had a really slow hiatus, so I was commandered by the local parental unit into doing lots of fixing projects around his house. That, plus searching for a few bookings, seemed to take up my time, and somehow I forgot all about posting.

Since I'm back on set again, I'll try to be better about the posts.

One good bit of news - I'm a regular on one of those police/fed series again this year, but this season I learned that they moved their stage. What was a good hour-and-a-half commute last year is now a mere fifteen minutes down the road! Told that to the 2nd2nd our first day back. His reply? "I guess we know whose going to get all the rush calls this season."

At least it's work.


Susan said...

Hey, I followed you over from Savage Minds. I've peeked on your blog before and enjoyed it. Just thought it would be funny to mention, I am a rogue anthropologist in the Southland and my brother, a cop, consults on the type of show you mention:-)

6 degrees and we are all eating our tails.

The Moviequill said...

and now it's been 8 months since you're last posting