Thursday, January 20, 2005

Four More Years? Here's a Start

Today I am quite sick - spiritually, mentally, and, alas, physically (the body and mind thing seemed to merge in the wee hours of the morning) - so my posts will be light for today and tomorrow. But, it is also alternative press Thursday in SoCal, and the LA Weekly provides a useful compendium of counter-narratives to save the soul of our nation for the next four years:

The Next Four Years: A Survival Guide

Let the countdown begin to January 20, 2009.

JOHN POWERS on a new vision for the left.

DOUG IRELAND follows Howard Dean and the fight for the DNC’s soul.

MARC COOPER outlines the Democrats’ move to Plan B ("b" as in billionaires).

SCOTT WILLOUGHBY explains what’s not the matter with Colorado, while CHRISTINE PELISEK peeks under the covers at the Boulder High School sleep-in. Plus, an essay by Boulder student protester TRAVIS MOE.

JOSHUAH BEARMAN experiences a Goldwater Moment.

LOU DUBOSE looks at the potential cast of characters in Bush’s Watergate.

HAROLD MEYERSON maps out plans to make those red states blue.

JOE DONNELLY makes the case for secession.

Web Exclusive: DAVID L. ULIN gives another take on secession.

JUDITH LEWIS tells George Lakoff: "Frame This!"

EZRA KLEIN polls young voters.

STEVEN MIKULAN lays out a to-do list for -progressives.

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