Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Know Your Base

I'll have more to say about the Social Security reform debate at a later date, but today Josh Marshall over at Talking Point Memo culls some interesting data from the Social Security Administration:

Top ten highest concentrations of Social Security beneficiaries as a percentage of a state's population ...

West Virginia 22.4%
Maine 20.1%
Arkansas 19.9%
Florida 19.6%
Pennsylvania 19.3%
Alabama 19.3%
Kentucky 18.7%
Iowa 18.5%
Mississippi 18.5%
Missouri 18.1%

Worst demographic for President Bush on Social Security, by age ...

Perhaps the WH, slightly buzzed on the oxygen-rush of a close win, have moved beyond Karl Rove's mantra of GOP politics, "get your base out."

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