Thursday, January 20, 2005

Lakoff Debate

Cognitive linguist George Lakoff has been in the center of the Democrat's debate over how to best frame their message during W's second term. After reading the Judith Lewis commentary below, go over to Metaphor Country, who has had issues with Lakoff during the campaign.

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Alan G. Ampolsk said...

I did, and do, have issues with him. Though it's probably more accurate to say that I have issues with his followers. There's a difference between using a tool (such as framing) and making it the object of a religion, the solution to all problems, the One True Approach, etc. Framing can be a good rhetorical tactic, but like "spin," it isn't sustainable, and misses the bigger opportunity, which is to engage in real, substantive, transformative discussion of policy. Lakoff's politics are, for me, a strange, equal-opposite dualism -- I just can't go there.