Friday, December 31, 2004

Dark Side of the Rose Parade IV

Municipal hospitality only goes so far.... Posted by Hello

UPDATE: 3:45 PM Pasadena Standard Time

A stroll down the block, and out onto Colorado Blvd. turns out to be full of obstacles, kids on bicycles attempting to amputate toes on the sidewalk, people filling air matresses, playing cards, lighting fires, and generally milling around, waiting for the mayhem at midnight, then catch a bit of sleep before watching the parade at around 9:00 AM at this midpoint in the route.

As I write this quick observation I hear car alarms going off, lots of traffic, and desperate horns
attempting to move both people and RVs, which seem to have taken over all major auto and pedestrian traffic paths.

At least the sun is coming out behind the clouds, but the ground is still very wet.

No space left untouched. Posted by Hello

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