Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Red Turkey Award of the Week

The Red (Burned) Turkey Award this week goes to Bernard Kerik Posted by Hello

Although it's a bit early in the week, the Red (faced) Turkey Award simply must go to former NYPD Commisioner Bernard Kerik. Not only did he admit to non-payment of taxes for his nanny, but he also had a long-term affair with the publisher of his book "The Lost Son" while being newly married with two small children, earned $6.2 million from the taser company that does business with Homeland Security, and accepted thousand of dollars worth of gifts from a New Jersey construction company with reported mob ties - and these things were known back in 2000! Plainly, he should never have been nominated to be Homeland Security in the first place.

The NYT report today contains this choice piece:

Those around Kerik -- and even Kerik himself -- may have paid the price for becoming too enamored of his image as a brash, self-made law enforcer, said Stanley Renshon, a political scientist and psychoanalyst at the City University of New York's Graduate Center in Manhattan.

``Kerik is a great rags-to-accomplishment story and Bush really likes that because it fits into is view of the American dream,'' Renshon said. ``What's different about them is that Bush is pretty much a straight shooter. He's a straight-and-narrow kind of guy, and Kerik clearly is a lot less that.''

Yeah. A lot less.

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