Monday, December 20, 2004

Rose Parade Survival Tips

Yesterday's LA Times Magazine has a small piece on surviving camping out for the Rose Parade. Keep checking back here for more details. The AA is going to post pictures and play-by-play happenings surrounding the *real* Rose Parade - meaning at the other end of the 5.5 mile route. I guarantee that it's nothing like you've ever seen on the TV come a groggy New Year's Day morning.

And, from the Pasadena Police Department:

What you can do:

A permanent position on the sidewalk may be maintained along the parade route beginning at noon on Dec. 31.

The “Blue Line” is the honor line. All persons and property such as blankets, chairs, etc., must remain on the curb and are not permitted in the street until 11:00 p.m. on Dec. 31. At that time
spectators may move out to the honor line.

Overnight camping is permitted only on the night of December 31.

Fires will only be permitted if it is not windy. Fires must be in fire safe containers which are off the ground. The Pasadena Fire Department will issue citations to violators.

What you can’t do: (Notice the anti-tortilla-throwing ordinance)

Fireworks are prohibited in the City of Pasadena except as a part of scheduled official events.
Vehicles obstructing emergency lanes will be towed. Ladders and scaffolds are not allowed.

Couches or boxes of any type that can be used as stools or seats are prohibited.

Saving space or tying off an area is not allowed. All ropes will be removed.

Unoccupied or extra chairs will be confiscated.

Selling public space other than grandstand seating is illegal and violators will be arrested.

Tents are not allowed.

Throwing any projectile into the Parade, including seemingly harmless items such as tortillas, marshmallows, flowers etc., is prohibited.

It is illegal to buy or sell horns along the parade route. It is illegal to sell any items along the parade route without a permit. Violators will be arrested and their items confiscated. Walking in the street and/or selling in the street is not permitted.

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