Friday, December 17, 2004

My Peering Eyes, My Cheating Heart

Now the posts below show that, for the average American worker, hard work, being "good," and "following the rules" doesn't seem to help much in the current economy. What about education? The Chronicle of Higher Education has released a special report on plagiarism today (free content), and find some startling zingers:

Among the cases we found were a political scientist who swiped five pages of his book from a journal article, a historian who cribbed from an unpublished dissertation, and a geographer whose verbatim copying appears to span his lengthy career.....In one of the rare surveys conducted about plagiarism, two University of Alabama economists this year asked 1,200 of their colleagues if they believed their work had ever been stolen. A startling 40 percent answered yes. While not a random sample, the responses still represent hundreds of cases of alleged plagiarism.

We expect that from economists and the secondary data crowd.

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