Saturday, December 11, 2004

Weekend Reading Update - The British View

Remember Hurricane Ivan? Well, the British press hasn't forgotten. Tomorrow's London Observer has an article on the rebuilding effort in Grenada.

And when you're done with that, The Times has an article about the habits of book abusers, scribbling in the margins and what not. They also proclaim to have found a saintly founder of spam:

The posthumous patron of Spam can only be Samuel Taylor Coleridge, who invented the term “marginalia” and became so notorious for writing pithy remarks and asides in books that friends and rivals would send him their own works requesting that he scribble his thoughts in them. The marginalia became more important than the text, at least in Coleridge’s estimation: in a volume belonging to fellow writer Charles Lamb, he wrote: “I will not be long here, Charles! — & gone, you will not mind my having spoiled a book in order to leave a Relic.”

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