Wednesday, December 29, 2004

More End of Year Lists

LABlogs gives a list of the "most watched" during the year, but claims it is not intended to be a "best of" list (and rats....we didn't make it this year):

Written by Eric Richardson, a USC student and Downtown resident, Eric frequently writes detailed accounts of the area. Eric also keeps up on city council actions and also provides some info on local historical architecture.

The inside story from behind the story. A camera man from CBS (I believe? and channel 9), who gives narratvie and pictoral accounts of his adventures chasing local news. Great writing and a look into a world few get to see.

Another writer from a perspective few see, LAPD Wife gives regular acounts about what it is like to be the woman behind the man behind the badge. She does a great job of giving an honest account of the ups and downs of the family of a man serving the community. The LAPD gets a tough rap in this city, it's good to remember that cops are people too and, like you, there is more to them than stereotypes.

Certainly not suitable for everyone's taste, but an unashamed honest account of one man's life in the south bay. Tales of partying, hiring sign holders, drinking, and the turmoil of love and family relationships. Anti's writing style is hard to classify, but has a natural voice reminds me of my book of Hunter Thompson letters.

Covering the Angels and Dodgers with more dedication that Plaske, the amount of effort that goes into this site is impressive. I'm not a huge baseball fan, but when I want local coverage, skip the Times and head here.

the skunks of los feliz
One of the most local blogs out there, nearly every post revolves around local events, history and landmarks. A frequent subject of Los Angeles digests, if you live in the Los Feliz area, this is a bookmark you should have.

"wildbell" Will Campbell
Another blog that consists almost completely of local based content. Will works at the LA Zoo and provides some good insight into internal goings on. Also gives updates on bike rides and hikes around town. Will is also the most consistent contributor to LA Insight, and always gives some very useful tips!

LA Voice
LA Voice went through a transformation this year and has really found its groove. The posts are 100% local and each one provides details above the average blog structure. Although it is set up as a group blog, Mack Reed seems to have taken the reigns and provided regular informative content.

Another blog that I have drawn heavily on for LA Digest posts, l'atmoshpere is an unapologetic LA lover and frequently posts about what is good in this town. As far as I know, the blog started this year and has been going strong with local content.

joyrides without maps
Although the site is called "joyrides", Joseph has been walking this year and detailing his urban hikes in his blog. Drawing on his journalist background, we get a vivid picture of local Mexican (Oxacan) restaurants and watering holes as well.

Heather moved to LA this year from the Bay Area and has chronicled here adoption of LA. She drives (and crashes) in the hills, motorcycles through the canyons and unashamedly declares that LA isn't as bad as everyone north of Vetura would have you believe. I always enjoy reading about people who transplant here and are suprised at how much they enjoy living in LA (like me).

Eating LA
Although Eating LA doesn't post as often as I would like to see, each post is a good look at some of the places to feed your belly and tantalize your palate. I look forward to more content next year.

Confessions of a Novice Surfer
Another new blog this year, and one that was added to this site within the last couple of months. It is what it says it is, a diary of a novice surfer, detailing his quest for waves and the time to ride them.

Negro Please
A prolific writer, covering local clubs, music and goings on. He works for a major entertainment network and gives a taste of what that is like. For those who covet "the scene" this is a good place to start.

Franklin Avenue
Mike and Maria eat, explore the city, buy a house, attend entertainment events (Mike's job requires it) and they write all about it on their blog. Mike does most of the detailing, but their adventures are usually team based!

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