Friday, December 10, 2004

Dumb OC Voters II

Steve Rocco at the Orange Unified School District Dec. 9, 2004 Posted by Hello

In an update of the OC voter debacle, Steve Rocco was sworn in as a school board member last night. Sporting chic, black, conspiracy-nut vestments, Mr. Rocco gave a rambling five-minute speech that was commented on by LA media in attendance, but glossed over by local Orange County reporters.

And if the news itself wasn't entertaining enough, the local Orange County Register provides readers today with a classic quote of denial:

Phillip Knypstra, a retired college professor and police officer, said he's not ready to judge Rocco.

"Obviously, he has his own philosophy that he's expressing that I don't think I understand," Knypstra said.

"I don't see a connection between conspiracy theories, but we'll give him time. ... We'll see how he comes out on fiscal matters, and then I'll make a judgment."

The time to make a judgement was *before* the election.

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