Monday, December 13, 2004

Rose Bowl Blues 2

Pasadena is a city that is big on tradition, especially the traditions it has invented.

The traditional Rose Bowl matchup harkens back to Pasadena's Midwest roots, Haderlein explained. The football game helps pay for the Tournament of Roses Parade, and both were designed to show off Pasadena's charms to westward-looking Midwesterners.

The Pasadena Star-News has a brief article covering the ambivalence Pasadenans have over the Rose Bowl's inclusion in the BCS, with a few choice observations. As for the algorithm for selecting the game participants, one booster has this opinion:

"It is very simple how we ended up with Texas in the Rose Bowl. Anyone with a Ph.D. in statistics can understand it,' said sports marketing expert David Carter.

That should not be difficult with CalTech just down the street.

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