Tuesday, December 21, 2004

"Mr. Mandate" Accommodates Reality

The wit and wisdom of George IIPosted by Hello

Dailykos reports that on the eve of his second inaguration Bush is going to be the most unpopular second-termer ever and, finally, most Americans agree that the war in Iraq was a blundering mistake.

And writing in Slate Timothy Noah summarizes his meandering stream-of-consciousness press conference yesterday, especially his take on Social Security, with this insighful analysis:

Until now, Bush has seemed either too dumb or too stubborn to recognize that Social Security privatization will necessitate either hitting up taxpayers or reducing Social Security benefits. But watching Bush in today's press conference, I realized that there was another possibility: Bush is simply too cynical to acknowledge practical realities of which he is well aware. Maybe he figures that accommodating those realities simply isn't his job. Maybe he's thinking: Let Congress get the blame for insisting that two plus two equals four!

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